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Although coming from an entertainment background, we have been dealing with homelessness, music, youth, prison ministry, missions, church planting, media, farming, food, housing, water, technology and Governments for over 35 years, in various formats.


For the first time we seem to be able to bring everything under one roof with Wired to Worship.


With you, will you please allow me to dream while being subject to the leading of the Holy Spirit?


What does this look like? l sees it as Worship, Charity, Commerce and Government, coming together in one take and with God at the head.


Our take is to go into Emerging Countries with Worship, but at the same time coming to make a difference, with their Governments’ permission whilst meeting local needs in different forms such as University Hospitals, Infrastructure, Housing, Travel, Farming , education and many more.


The event will be held on 1st April 2023 at the Dominion Centre, Gaumont Palace 9 The Broadway High Road London N22 6DS United Kingdom


Firstly we are doing something at home, by providing free meals, so every ticket that is purchased for the concert will provide a free meal to a Food Bank.  If all tickets are sold this would mean that over 2000 free meals or 60 families (5 people per family) could be fed for a week. 









We are also using the opportunity to raise funds for the completion of Solace Medical Clinic in Rwanda










As part of our service to Wired to Worship and the vision, we make ourselves available as a Christian music PR company.  This  means that we will set up interviews on radio, press and television for all the artists that will be performing on 1st of April 2023 at the Dominion Centre.  The focus of the interviews will be Wired to Worship concert and causes, but we will air each artist’s music and video.

We service all dominations and platforms such as Pentecostal churches, Salvation Army, Methodist, Anglican, Church of England, Baptist,

Presbyterian, Catholic, Reformed, Seven-day Adventist,  African Churches, Evangelical and Charismatic Churches, Online Church services.



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