Wired to Worship (W2W) has really become a recognisable annual musical event in the community and we have witnessed its continuous growth from about 100 attendees when it debuted in 2014 to a growing audience of over 4000 attendees and even bigger social media views.

W2W has attracted wider demographics and ethnicity from across London and it's quickly becoming a platform for young talents and musicians to exhibit their creative musical ingenuity from Orchestral performances, horn instrumental displays, performing arts and singing. The event has also attracted other talents in music and performing arts across Europe and now expanding its borders to US and Africa.

In the past years, W2W has worked with young people who have been in gangs and drugs and provided a safe space for them to work on their musical talents with other musical experts. The transformation in these young lives have been very evident and it is hoped that over the years through this event and working with different experts more young people and upcoming talents receive the support needed to harness their talents through coaching, mentoring and personal development.


We want to use the W2W platform to also inspire other aspiring talents to embrace their creativity but most importantly we want to continuously use this event to spread more positive messages to our youths and young people and build a community that appreciates creativity and diversity in talents.